How To Build Good Writing Habits

How To Build Good Writing Habits - Zak Khan This little reference book was well-written and enjoyable. It talks about how we've come to perceive long term benefits as almost invisible. There are instructions for how to make a better mind-map or spider diagram.
"Unless you want to write as much as you want to live, you won't truly reach levels that aren't even in your thoughts right now." That's a perfect quote, in my opinion.
The book touches on how bursts of inspiration aren't sustainable and can lead to quitting, but should be applied to planning and researching. It suggests quantity leads to quality on ebook sites. Reading weekly challenges the brain, and not reading has terrible side effects on the mind and on life.
Near the end, the author suggests that it's time to stop saying that you'll do something someday-- make today that day. Don't fear not being perfect.
"If I challenged you to unbiasedly profile yourself as a character in a book, how would you describe your attitude?" This exercise not only got my attention, but it inspired me with a new way to look at my characters.