J Lenni Dorner

J self-published "Preparing to Write Settings That Feel Like Characters," in 2015. Joined Operation Awesome in June 2016 as the organizer of the Debut Author Spotlight. J competed in Write Club 2014 &2016. The Creative Writing Institute held a writing contest that resulted in J Lenni Dorner being published in "WRONG!: A themed anthology 2014" (Southern Star Publications, December 2014). Winner of the Write Edit Publish Now flash fiction "Youthful Frights versus Adult Fears" Halloween challenge 2015. Signum University's Mythgard Institute held a creative writing contest in the autumn of 2015 called "Almost an Inkling" which J Lenni Dorner was a Popular Vote Winner- publication forthcoming. The Operation Awesome Flash Fiction Contest 12 win in April 2016 went to J Lenni Dorner. When not reading or writing, J enjoys video games, funny cats, finding drawings of dragons on Pinterest, and watching movies.