You're Never Weird on the Internet (Almost): A Memoir

You're Never Weird on the Internet (Almost): A Memoir - Felicia Day I adore this book. Let me state clearly that I am in the Felicia Day fandom, so that is certainly a reason that I loved it. And girl, if you're reading this, that blue dress on the cover is stunning on you! I never knew how much Felicia and I have in common. There was a time that I was homeschooled. I've met online friends in real life.

Attention writer friends:
Chapter Six is a must read! You've been there (or you probably will be at some point). Page 137 of the hardcover version, the last paragraph, you have to read it. Go to the bookstore now. Oh, and if you are a NaNoWriMo novelist, check out page 143. It's like one of those motivational emails we get. She should be one of our celebrity guest authors.

Page 104 of the hardcover version as the best inadvertent advice I've ever read. "When the system you want to be a part of so badly turns you into someone you're unhappy with and you lose sight of yourself, is it worth it?"

My assistant geeked out after she read this book too. Apparently she and Felicia have both played Puzzle Pirates.

I was experiencing flashbacks as I read this. When The Guild went from YouTube to Xbox— I remember that! Brought to me by Sprint, I think.

This book is like reading a memoir by your acquaintance from work that always says "hi" in the break room... and now here's all this cool information that shows you should have made an effort to become best friends.

By page 207, readers will love Felicia (if they don't already). It will own every non-stone heart out there.