The Vanished Knight

The Vanished Knight - M. Gerrick Callan is a wonderful rare character. She's a foster child in England. But she might be from a fantasy world. The book sits on the edge between Portal and Urban Fantasy. The relatable story of this "Anne-like-luck" girl getting a new family that ships her to a premier private school soon mixes with a portal fantasy leading to another world. There's a heavy cast to keep track of, but it gets easier as it goes on.

The book ends without ending. You'll need to get the second one.

A few minor spots contain either an error missed by the editor, a UK versus US translation difference, or a formatting flaw caused in publication. The work is exemplary writing otherwise.

Any book that can combine the use of the names Gawain and Lorcan, from a fantasy realm yet, impresses me.
This is an honest review, written after reading the free copy I was given.