Write Good or Die

Write Good or Die - Scott Nicholson Scott Nicholson has created an excellent compilation of the blogged advice of himself and other several published authors. Cut down your research "how-to-write-better" time by reading this book.
It starts with a hilarious and visionary comparison of the craft of writing to the effort of Olympians. Then there's the comfort that writing gets better with practice.
There's the A to Z of the industry. The book hits on the harsh realities that come after finding an agent or publishing, and tells you how to get there.
By chapter 31, it's clear that this book is aimed at indie authors who are ready to succeed with pride.
Chapter 33 does have a link to a site that doesn't exist. Searching leads to a blog post from Feb 2012 that says it's "coming soon," a Goodreads group that hasn't posted since 2012, and a rarely used Twitter hashtag.
Overall, this is a very good book, and I recommend that new writers take the time to read it.