30 Days of No Gossip

30 Days of No Gossip - Stephanie Faris It's rare for a character to yank this much emotion from me. But sure enough, with Vivienne, that's what happened. I love her name. Beyond that, I hated her. I love how realistically she was written. But I loathe her. If asked which V villain is worse, Vi or Voldermort, I'd pick Vi. At least with he-who-must-not-be-named, you see it coming. His evil plans and motives are clear. Not so much with Vi, who is so realistic that she instantly reminded me of a long list of people I know (and can't stand).

Poor Maddie! Exactly what I predicted would happen to her, happened on page 111. Finally a golden adult adds sense and reason in chapter 13. By page 185, there's redemption, and whew was I glad to see it show up! And right there, on page 192, one of the two reasons that I have so much empathy for Maddie through this whole ordeal, and why I dislike Vi so much- because of the future potential mentioned. Glad Vi finally acts enough like a friend to agree.

My kind of characters. My kind of ending. Highly recommend.