Exquisite Trouble

Exquisite Trouble - Ann Mayburn Fans of Sons of Anarchy who have lusted after the men in MC will enjoy this story.

There were a few typos. And I'm unclear of why, in Chapter 9, Hustler clearly came over to take Swan shopping, but then says he came over because this other guy wants to meet her. There are some disjoined sections like that, and I'm very surprised that an editor didn't catch them. (But, given the obvious typos that were also missed, I suppose I'm not overly surprised.) It really is minor, something that normal readers wouldn't be bothered by perhaps. (Swan needs a key to open a door, but later opens it with a fingerprint. One guy either reads her mind or some quotation marks were missing. Little things like that.)

A fantastic quote from the story, if I may, "Love isn't about changing somebody; it's about accepting who they are without reservation and bringing out the best in the other person." This line sums up what to expect from the book rather nicely.

The intimate scenes are spot on and perfectly erotic. The office scene in Chapter 12 is particularly good. There's some light BDSM near the end of the book.

My favorite chapters are from Smoke's point of view. (It took until chapter 18 to get the next dose. So, if you are one of those people who skips to the end, you'll be utterly lost, thanks to the POV shift. Read it from front to back and you'll be okay.)