The Psi Fighter

The Psi Fighter - D.R. Rosensteel A humorous book that crosses between YA crime fighting mystery and comic book without the art work. The main character kicks a lot of butt, while still being an ordinary teen girl. I was slightly let down that she didn't "own" the climax, though the minor character that did have that honor was amazing. The true antagonist (or one of them, the one in the climax who is revealed) turned out to be my prime suspect. The story wraps up, and then it ends on a cliffhanger.
Miscible definition: Liquids capable of being and remaining mixed in all proportions, and can dissolve into one another in any proportion without separating. (If you didn't know that word, and read this book, you're welcome.)
I love that the main character has a hoodie with a secret agent pocket for high-tech weaponry and lip gloss. That sums her up perfectly.