The Easy Way to Write Fantasy That Sells

The Easy Way to Write Fantasy That Sells - Rob Parnell For writers who are new to the game and need a quick, basic crash course in fantasy writing, this book would be useful.

I'm not sure there are many lit agents who will be excited at the 58% mark when the book says that fantasy novels are around 200,000 words. (First-time writers— good luck pitching anything over 150,000!)

The section on plot points is clear and logical. The idea that characters are the most important part of a good story is spot on. There's a great section focused on showing-not-telling and avoiding info-dumping. "It's not really the artifact that's important, it is its influence on your characters and plot that matters most." - That is my favorite line in this book. It does preach the current modern-day importance of making stand-alone novels, especially for unknown authors.

It reads more like the transcript of a seminar than it does a book. Though it does come with some suggested writing exercises to help foster improvement and motivation.