Cruel Crown

Cruel Crown - Victoria Aveyard It's the print version of Queen Song and Steel Scars. I realized this several pages in.
Queen Song:
"There is nothing so terrible as a story untold." Not just writing motivation, but a quote that explains the reason for this story. The lack of world building could make comprehending this difficult for anyone who hasn't read Red Queen. It's a good story, an interesting one. Nice romance. In fact, if the rest of the series weren't aimed at the futuristic-urban-fantasy genre, this could probably be a much longer book, a romance that's a stone's throw from Cinderella.
Steel Scars:
The REDACTED messages are a pain to read. I have trouble with the following line: They're aren't here, in the thick of things, I tell myself. I'm assuming it's a typo or a double negative. The theme can be wrapped up in this quote: She spoke of slavery, because that's what this world is. No one dares say it, but that's what Reds are. Slaves and graves. This story gives a glimpse of another character from Red Queen. Unless you've read that book already, you shouldn't read this one. It picks up about halfway in.